A Patio and Fire Pit are Given New Life after a Rebuild

The completed fire pit and patio

When we are contacted by a customer, it’s often because they have a tired, lackluster landscape that’s in need of a refresh. But, sometimes, it isn’t that the landscaping is out-of-date, it just didn’t hold up – it’s not uncommon for us to be called in to fix or re-do the work of another landscaper. And, that’s exactly what happened in the project, described below.

An incorrectly installed patio by the previous landscaper

The homeowners were concerned because a small paver patio they’d recently put in was starting to fall apart. When installing the patio, instead of using retaining wall block beneath it, the previous landscaper used regular pavers and stood them on end. Over time, they started to lean which caused the top level of the patio to become loose and unstable.

Our crew fixes the existing patio

We came in and quickly remedied the situation.

The owner's existing patio before we replaced it

The cracked fire pit before replacement

After that relatively simple fix, the homeowners were so impressed, that they wanted us tear out their uneven flagstone patio and cracked fire pit in the back, and start anew using New York Bluestone and complementary pavers. To avoid damaging the homeowners’ beautiful, lush yard with heavy machinery, we did the entire project, including demolition and removals, by hand.

A layer of stabilitizing was used due to poor soil

Once we started digging, we found the dirt to be heavy clay; since that doesn’t provide a solid foundation on which to build a patio, we added a layer of stabilizing fabric before we added the base gravel and sand.

Our crew starts laying the bluestone pattern

Our crew nears completion of the patio

Our crew then meticulously laid out the New York Bluestone to ensure a full pattern (varied sizes/colors) throughout the patio.

The re-built fire pit comes together

We also re-built the gas fire pit using retaining wall block and capped it with pavers, as an accent. The same pavers were used as a solider course (border) around the fire pit and perimeter of the patio, to tie the spaces together. Originally, we’d discussed having a step down into the yard, but we opted instead to grade the patio down so it flows into the grass and gives it a more natural look.

The completed fire pit and patio

After the unfortunate experience these homeowners had with their previous landscaper, we value the trust they placed in our company to build an attractive, long-lasting, expertly crafted landscape for them to enjoy for many years. It was amazing to see the transformation!

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