Drainage Issues are Long Gone with this Patio and Retaining Wall Revamp

Eden outcroppings, Autumn Flame flagging stone, and pavers come together in this amazing revamp!

Minnesota summers are too short, so we make the most of them by getting outdoors at every chance; whether it’s up to the cabin, out on the lake, or just hanging out in your backyard, it’s great to soak up the sun, while you can.

This was the mindset of the homeowners featured in this post; they had a great property, but the space was underutilized and had drainage issues. They wanted to connect the front and back yards and to remedy the standing water they’d been experiencing, so they could better enjoy it.

The overgrown and under utilized yard.

The patio that was causing drainage issues.

Our first step in this project was to remove the existing rock, boulders, and plantings on the side of the house, along with the flagstone patio that was the source of their major drainage woes. Because the patio was so level, it didn’t allow water to drain; instead it wound up pooling on the patio and then running into the house. Big problem! After the removals, we re-set the grade to direct water away from the house to avoid this problem in the future.

The hardscape areas were leveled and drainage was installed.

With the removals and leveling complete, we start constructing the new hardscape areas.

The paver patio coming together.

A new, improved, and expanded patio and adjoining walkway were constructed out of brick pavers.

The step/retaining wall system.

The hardscapes nearing completion.

The patio was made more accessible by the installation of an Eden stone retaining wall and steps system which hugged the side of the house on its way down to the patio.

The retaining wall and step system.

Autumn Flame flagging stone was used as an accent.

For added visual interest, we inset Autumn Flame flagging stone in the landing of the stairs and used it for alternating sections of steppers; it really provides great contrast against the Eden stone and brick pavers.

The paver walkway leading to the Eden stone steps.

For the finishing touches we installed no-maintenance rock beds with weed fabric around the patio area, to cut back on the upkeep, and then low-maintenance plantings in mulch beds along the retaining wall and step area, to soften the hardscapes.

The paver patio is a huge improvement.

As an extra measure of caution, the home’s gutters were directed into drain boxes, which piped the water out into the yard, and away from the new patio area.

This was a unique project that provided some challenges, but we’re thrilled with how it came together! We were able to expand and make the the homeowners’ livable space more accessible and eliminate their serious drainage issues. Now they can forget their water worries and start enjoying their backyard again!

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