An Overgrown Landscape Becomes a Work of Art

The revamped front entryway.

Some projects are like a painting – a blank canvas, awaiting inspiration and the deft hands of skilled craftsmen; others projects are more like a sculpture – you start with a slab of marble, working with it and reducing it to its final form. In this case, the project was a sculpture, an overgrown front yard in need of refining.

The overgrown front yard.

These Baytown homeowners had a beautiful house with some unique architectural lines, but their yard obscured these great features and wasn’t doing it justice. We came in and cleared everything out – removing the extraneous trees, shrubs, weeds, boulders, and rock. Afterward, we were left with a great space with a clean look.

The steps are now uncovered and accessible.

To enhance the front entryway area, we installed some small Chilton retaining walls which tied into the stone on the house. Low maintenance shrubbery, steel edging, and rock were also added to the front entryway area to provide some additional interest, but not extra work for the homeowners.

The steps alongside the house also saw a revitalization – all the vegetation was removed and new shrubs, rock, and weed fabric were installed, making this another another easy area to maintain.

This project benefited from a “less is more” approach – by removing the excess vegetation from the yard and adding in some complementary Chilton retaining walls and effortless plantings, this simple design made for a dramatic change!


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