A New Bluestone Entryway & Patio Makes a Great First Impression

A new bluestone entryway/patio makes a great first impression.

Whether it’s a lackluster area infused with new life or an empty space given a new look, we often see a huge transformation in our customers’ landscapes. But, not every project involves an extensive remodel; many times we’re brought in to revamp a small area. As can be seen in this post, these small changes can make a huge improvement!

Lackluster concrete entryway in need of a revamp.

The homeowners in this Bayport project came to us because they wanted to refresh the concrete walkway and landing area extending from their driveway to their front door. The concrete had been heaving and cracking, and just wasn’t giving them the first impression they desired. We suggested replacing the concrete with New York Bluestone in full pattern and color (using all of the different sizes and colors); this natural stone really complemented the home and elevated the look of the area.

The old hardscapes have been removed and the foundation laid for the new entryway.

We got started by removing the concrete from the walkway and landing areas, as well as the cedar steps leading to the home. The hardscape areas were re-contoured to optimize the space, and we then put down a 12” base of compacted class five gravel to ready it for the Bluestone.

The new entryway is painstakingly installed by our crew.

The stone was expertly and painstakingly installed by our crew to provide a natural pattern and color arrangement.

With the entryway complete, the finishing touches are added.

With the patio and walkway complete, it was time to add the finishing touches.

The completed bluestone entryway and patio, with chiminea.

First, to soften the hardscapes and to eventually create some privacy, we added mulch planting beds with dwarf arborvitaes around the perimeter of the patio. And as the focal point of the patio, we added a rustic steel chiminea for the family to gather around and enjoy a fire.

The chiminea provided an awesome focal point for the new entryway/patio.

Not only is this project unique for bringing the patio out of the backyard, and combining it with the walkway in the front yard, but it also shows how changing one small area can have a major impact to the home’s curb appeal.

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