A New Fire Pit Brings Life to an Empty Backyard

The fire pit adds a functional and aesthetic element to the yard.

Oftentimes, when we work on a landscaping project, the previous landscaping is tired, worn, or insufficient and needs to be removed; the first step in our process, in this case, begins with demolition and removals. However, in the case of new construction, like the recently built home in Baytown Township where we worked this summer, we started with a blank canvas.

This yard was a blank canvas in need of some new landscaping.

This backyard was an empty plot of land, bordered by woods in the back, without much use or interest – it was the ideal place to add functional and attractive landscaping elements. Because of the ample space and rustic setting, a fire pit seemed like the perfect fit!

The fire pit area was cut into the slope of the yard.

To create a sense of privacy and to better fit the fire pit area into the landscape, we cut into the existing slope of the yard and created a retaining wall with River Valley Outcroppings; this acts as both a support for the hillside and an additional seating area. The floor of the fire pit area was built with Tennessee Crab Orchard stone, which features beautiful color variation that complements the other natural stone elements.

The fire pit was raised and made of Chilton stone.

Rather than putting in a fire pit that is flush with the ground, we opted for a raised pit on a footing; this is a more customized design that creates a striking focal point for the yard. The outside and top of the fire pit was veneered with Chilton stone, while the inside was lined with fire brick; a drain in the bottom of the fire pit ensures that any rain water won’t be pooling and ruining the fun! Planting beds surround the fire pit area – this not only helps tie in the hardscapes with the natural setting, but when the plants mature, they will further enhance the sense of privacy.

We were excited to have the opportunity to help these homeowners turn their empty, unused space into a relaxing place to entertain and unwind. With bon fire season on its way, we’re sure this family will be getting a lot of enjoyment out of their new fire pit!

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