A Cracked Concrete Entryway is Revitalized with Bluestone

The front entryway has seen a major transformation.

The transformation of a cracked concrete front-entryway to one of bluestone that complements the home's field boulder façade is a perfect example of how a few days and some hard work can dramatically improve the curb appeal of a home.

The old concrete from the front entryway was cracked and in need of replacing.

After 15 years of harsh winters, with repeated freezing and thawing, the concrete in this front entryway had seen better days. The control joints—the lines cut into the concrete—were not made deep enough by the original installer, which resulted in the surface cracking.

The stoop could be salvaged - it received a concrete overlay, a new shape, and bluestone.

We wanted to ensure that this problem did not reoccur, so after we tore out the old concrete from the walkway and poured it anew, we made sure that the new control joints were much deeper. Now, when the ground moves, it will crack where the joint is and won't effect the surface.

The concrete got new control-joints to prevent future cracking.

The driveway portion of the front entryway was also completely removed, the surface re-graded to ensure proper water flow, and then re-poured with fresh concrete in preparation for the bluestone. We salvaged most of the stoop, but recontoured the steps to give it a more flared shape.

The footing of the stoop went down four feet and was still usable, and there was enough clearance above the stairs to add the bluestone, so an overlay of concrete was poured over the existing surface to prepare it. The stoop also received an updated design with new flared steps, which really elevated and accented the look of the entryway.

Once the surfaces were prepped, we started arranging and mortaring the bluestone. This process requires a lot of patience and an eye for detail, as each stone was tuck-pointed—that is, concrete was inserted between the cracks in the stones, one-by-one, with something akin to a pastry tube. After allowing the concrete to firm up, the mortar was smoothed out by hand and cleaned up with fine tools. Finally, the stone was washed with an enhancer and polished to protect and bring out its beauty.

The completed entryway complements the home and will prevent future issues.

After six days, this weathered entryway was revitalized; not only were the freezing and thawing issues resolved, but the addition of the bluestone complemented the other natural elements in the landscape, and made for a very pleasing finished product.

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