Transforming a Hillside from Washed Out to Knock Out

Once an eroded hillside, this space has been transformed with a new pathway.

With a troublesome eroded hillside on their hands, the owners of this West Saint Paul home needed a solution to bring functionality back to their yard. That's why they called Yardmasters!

Yardmasters' crews work quickly to complete this walkway.

We quickly got to work adding a new paver path, with Chilton steps in between, to provide an easy and attractive way for this family to access and enjoy their beautiful backyard.

The new plantings complement the walkway.

Drains were installed to ensure that water issues wouldn't affect the hillside again, and as the path was nearing completion, a variety of plantings and decorative stones were arranged to bring color and interest to the hillside.

The pathway was intricately laid out by the Yardmasters crew.

In this detail shot of the pathway, you can really see the intricacy of the work – it requires a sharp eye and a lot of concentration to make everything fit together.

The completed pathway leads down toward the backyard.

With the finishing touches in place, including yews, bush honeysuckle, and dogwood, in the shady areas, park roses near the bottom where it get sun, and mulch to tie it all together, this hillside has been transformed from washed out and unusable, to a functional and inviting.

We are thrilled with how this pathway brought new use and beauty to the yard; We can't wait to return next summer for the installation of a Victorian firepit, with complementary colored surrounding pavers to offset the pathway – this will bring even more use to this space!

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