Progress Underway at the Bald Eagle Lake Project

The newly installed walkway made with permeable pavers.

In the week since our first post on the Bald Eagle Lake project, progress has been swift (despite the blistering temperatures!). What was a pile of pavers and some muddy, rough terrain is now a permeable walkway that extends from the roadway down the length of the house.

Like the previous phase of this project, completed last summer, we've continued to use permeable pavers for the hardscapes to ensure that any excess water isn't draining into and polluting the lake. The use of these green landscaping methods has become quite prevalent in the last five years, especially for those that live on or around waterways.

The place laid out for the new herringbone-patterned parking pad.

While only the form is in place at this point, it's exciting to imagine the herringbone patterned parking pad that will soon be assembled near the walkway; this will be one of the many unique flourishes in this landscaping project.

The circular patio adjacent to the new walkway.

Another creative aspect of this project, which is already in place, is the circular patio area, off the main walkway – it'll be a great place to enjoy the lush plantings and beautiful stonework, when everything is complete.

The house will be crowned by a green roof.

In addition to these interesting features, a green roof will crown the home. Not only does this extend the natural spaces in the homeowner's yard, as well as provide insulation, among other benefits, but it's also another way to absorb rainwater and prevent runoff.

The paver path will continue behind the house to meet the brick paver driveway, which will be surrounded by plantings and another rain garden, to complement the one built by the lake, last year.

A turf stone walkway provides a utilitarian pathway to the backyard.

On the other side of the house, the Chilton retaining wall that was underway in our last post is now complete, and a utilitarian path made with turf stone is now being installed. Like the other pavers used in this project, turf stone is also permeable and will provide great drainage.

We at Yardmasters Landscapes are extremely proud and excited to be involved in such an innovative project – in fact, it's the largest residential "green" project in the Midwest! We've been at the forefront of the movement toward more environmentally conscious landscaping methods and have enjoyed the challenge of putting these new techniques to use.

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