The Finishing Touches: Completing a Landscape Re-do

The first phases of this landscape re-do - new plantings, rock, and pool deck

Yardmasters Landscapes' most recent project, three years in the making, has transformed the homeowner's property, one area at a time.

In the first two phases of this landscape re-do, a dilapidated pool deck was replaced with a new stylish stamped and colored concrete deck. To complement the pool area and entryway to the home, new plantings and rock were installed. A stepping stone pathway that led to the unfinished backyard created a natural starting point for phase three of this project, which was completed last week.

Phase three in progress

In phase three, the Yardmasters' crew extended the previously installed stepping stone path, which now leads to a new set of stone steps, and through the backyard to an existing gazebo.

Chilton steppers lead to the backyard

They also continued the planting and rock beds to the backyard, to give the property a consistent look. Finally, to tie everything together, a new Chilton stone retaining wall, which replaced an old timber wall, was added.

Chilton retaining wall and steps

After three years, the homeowner was thrilled with the final product. She lauded the continued attention to detail, skilled workers, and the "get-it-done" attitude for making the transformation such a success. These are the traits that are the hallmark of Yardmasters Landscapes.

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