Sunscald - How to Prevent It

Wrapping a Tree

In our last post, we discussed the harmful condition called sunscald. If you’re concerned you have trees that are susceptible to sunscald, luckily, there are a few quick and easy ways to prevent it on your trees. One of the most common ways to protect trees is to use tree wrap, and simply wind it around the trunk from the base to the lowest branches, overlapping one-third with each turn, and securing with stretchable tape (click to enlarge image).  

Other ways to protect your trees are to simply shade them throughout the winter by placing an upright board on the south/southwest side of the tree near the trunk. Using polypropylene tree protection tubes to cover the trunk is another good method – just ensure you use enough to cover the entire trunk. Finally, white latex paint may not be the most attractive option, but it works by reflecting the sun off the trunk, and only needs to be applied on the south/southwest side of the trunk – and don’t worry it will fade over time!

Protect your young, thin-barked trees by late fall (but it’s not too late, now!), and make sure to remove any wraps or tubing by the last frost, around March. If left on, they can become hiding places for insects, and could injure the tree as it expands and grows.  

Next time, we’ll tackle how to avoid winter burn on Evergreen foliage. Stay tuned!

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